Travel by Train

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Vacation Across the USA by Way of Train

Many of us in the United States are looking to get out of the house and vacation, but the pandemic has restricted many from traveling to the places they want to. Some of those places include international vacation spots, cruises, and more. Many of these vacations have been cancelled or postponed, which doesn’t help when… Read more »

Sunrise in Hawaii

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Hawaii is Truly a Place of Paradise

Traveling can seem very stressful these days with the on-going pandemic, but there are ways to still go on vacation in the United States while following the number of protocols that are in place in several states. Hawaii is one of those places that you won’t regret going to in the United States. It truly… Read more »

Alaskan Mountain range

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Why Visit the Great State of Alaska?

There are most likely plenty of people who think of Alaska as the last place they would want to visit, but it shouldn’t be. Alaska has so much beauty to offer, and when you visit, you’ll never want to go back home. Alaska is one of those places you can never get enough of. When… Read more »

Washington DC in the Springtime

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Budget-Friendly Getaways for this Upcoming Spring!

It seems as though no matter where you live, winter has found a way to hit you hard this year. If you’re anything like us, you’re beyond ready for spring and are just itching for a reason to get away! Well, just keep in mind that you don’t have to go too far to escape;… Read more »

Maine Lighthouse

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Why Everyone Should Visit Maine

If you haven’t been to the great state of Maine, or you haven’t thought of it before, it might be time to consider taking the trip. Maine is one of the great states in New England. It is full of beautiful scenery from the ocean to the great wilderness around you. It is one of… Read more »

Traveling to Prague

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The Beautiful City of Prague

Prague, what a beautiful city to be in. Located in the Czech Republic, Prague is one of the most enchanting European cities to this day. The history itself and the culture of life makes the city something to cherish when you visit. The first thing you notice in the city is the Prague Castle, which… Read more »

Traveling after COVID-19

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Where Will You Travel to After COVID-19?

As the world fights the pandemic, we all are wondering where we will travel to after everything has settled down. We also can take a look at the reality of how traveling to different countries and destinations will be after the pandemic. It’s probably safe to say that travel will be much different, especially when… Read more »

Rhine River in Germany

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Take an Enchanting German River Cruise

When people thing about cruises, they usually don’t think of a European cruise right off the bat. Many people desire to take cruises in the Caribbean or to other beautiful islands. What people don’t realize is that Europe has many great river cruises to offer where you can explore some of the world’s most amazing… Read more »

Family Safe Traveling During COVID-19

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How to Travel & Vacation Safely Amid COVID-19

Many families have decided not to travel whatsoever during the COVID-19 Pandemic, which isn’t a bad choice at all. This is a very good time to spend with your family and reduce the stress of work, school, and other daily tasks. As we continue to fight the pandemic, we’re constantly wondering when we’ll get to… Read more »

Exploring Grand Cayman

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Exploring Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman, the largest of the three Cayman Islands is approximately 22 miles long with its widest point being 8 miles long. The natural beauty of the island is what attracts many people to go visit the island. Brightly colored flowers, fruit trees, banana orchids, palm trees and coconut palm line the island, and there’s even a… Read more »

Visiting Colorado

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Exploring the Beautiful Rocky Mountains in Colorado

When people think of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, they think of an extensive range of mountains surrounding the city of Denver. If you’ve never ventured out to Colorado, you may be surprised when you land in Denver that it isn’t always easy to spot the Rockies right away. The great thing about Denver is… Read more »

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Trip To The Holy Land

The Holy Land is a term, which in Judaism refers to the Kingdom of Israel as defined in the Tanakh. You can walk the paths of Jesus, visiting the ancient sites of the Bible including Bethlehem, Nazareth, Caesarea and the ruins of Jericho. The perceived holiness of the land to Christianity was one of the… Read more »