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Make The Most of Your Carry-On Luggage

carry on luggage

When planning atrip, most travelers agonize over what to bring. Do I have enough socks? Should I bring an extra bathing suit? These are some questions you may ask yourself. It is important to pack smart and consider the practical items you will actually need. Most people over pack or bring items that they never… Read more »

Easy Ways to Save for Vacation

Vacations can become expensive very quickly, depending on what kind of trip you’re planning. It’s important to do what you can to save money for them. If you are planning on taking a trip soon and are looking for ways to stack up some extra funds, here are a few tips to help you save…. Read more »

Check Your Passport: Many Expected to Expire in 2016

Do you have plans to travel abroad in 2016 or 2017? If so, check your passport. Many passports are expected to expire in 2016, and your best bet for getting your passport in time is to renew it now, according to a recent article in The New York Times. State Department officials expect an increase… Read more »

Tips for Travel on a Budget

Everyone wants to travel and see the world, but how can you do so when you’re on a budget? Luckily, there are some tried and true ways to travel well and stick to a budget, and some travel gurus say it’s the best way to really experience a new country or city. One of the… Read more »

Remedies to Treat and Prevent Seasickness

With so many great cruise and yachting vacation options available today that include multiple stops and tours, there’s truly never been a better time to climb aboard and set sail for an amazing vacation – that is unless you’re prone to seasickness. Seasickness, or motion sickness, occurs when your brain tries to balance the signals… Read more »

Choosing the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

After all of the stress and excitement leading up to your wedding day, the honeymoon is a chance to unwind and enjoy newlywed bliss. Make choosing a honeymoon location easy by following these steps. Compare When planning your honeymoon, it’s important to get on the same page first. What are you and your spouse each… Read more »

Traveling Can Actually Help Reduce Your Stress Levels

There are so many different ways that people choose to handle stress; meditation, indulging in comfort food or even taking a quick walk. Well rather than taking that walk, why not take a flight instead? If you’re like many others, your respective paid time off often goes unused because you simply can’t fathom the idea… Read more »

Traveling Abroad: 5 Tips for Exchanging Money

Anytime you plan to travel, you’re brain goes on instant overload with all of the things that need to get done before you leave. The last thing that you want to do however is to overly concern yourself with insignificant things, such as how many pairs of shoes you should bring – especially when it… Read more »

How to Fit Everything Into a Carry-On

For many, it’s not about the amount of things you bring with you when traveling, but about the quality and functionality of those things. This is to say that you don’t need a different outfit for every day of your trip or 12 pairs of shoes. As long as you have access to a washer… Read more »

The Travel Advice You’ve Been Waiting For

Let’s face it; as much as we love it, traveling can be a complete nightmare sometimes – especially when it comes to unforeseen events or improper planning. However, the fears of travel should not restrain you from planning the cruise or trip of your dreams. From booking flights to the best hotel deals, these helpful… Read more »