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A Closer Look at the Denali National Park and Preserve

mountains in the Denali National Park

In honor of late President William McKinley, Denali was originally created in 1917 as Mount McKinley National Park, with the intention of making the land a game refuge. However, after the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA) in 1980, the park boundary was enlarged by 4 million acres and renamed Denali National Park and Preserve. To… Read more »

Getting Away with Friends or Family During COVID-19

RV Travel

Sometimes, planning a vacation can be stressful and unenjoyable, unless you’re someone who loves the process of planning a trip even more than the trip itself. As of now, it’s even more difficult to plan a trip or vacation with friends and family due to the nature of the COVID-19 Pandemic throughout the world. This… Read more »

Travel Hygiene Tips

Travel Hygiene Tips

Traveling can be exhausting, and it can be difficult to remain fresh and clean during your journey. Whether you are traveling by boat, car, or plane, there are a few different ways to maintain your personal hygiene during the trip. Here are a few essential ways to stay fresh during your travels: Keep your hands… Read more »

Tips to Combat Jet Lag

Tips to Combat Jet Lag

Jet lag is a temporary disorder that arises during long-distance air traveling. It is most prevalent for people who are flying into different time zones. This impacts the traveler’s circadian rhythm because the body does not understand the change in time. Anyone who has traveled by plane through different time zones knows that jet lag… Read more »

Tips for Traveling Abroad with Children

Tips for Travelling Abroad with Children

Planning a trip abroad can be stressful – especially when you’re traveling with your children. Between the planning, the packing and the worrying they could get lost, it’s easy to stress out about making sure everything is covered. Take a deep breath and read through these handy tips to help you prepare, pack and plan… Read more »

International Safety and Travel Tips

Traveling internationally has never been easier than it is today – you can book your tickets online, read up on the city you’ll be visiting, and make reservations for dinner and excursions, all from the comfort of your own home. But the reality is that you’ll still be traveling to a foreign country, so it’s… Read more »

Your Go-To International Travel Checklist

young woman planning a trip overseas

A lot of time and planning goes into traveling abroad. So, how do you make sure you’re not forgetting something? First, check out some of our top international travel tips. Then start checking off your to-do list. Don’t have a checklist of your own? Not to worry – you can use ours! Here’s the ultimate… Read more »

International Travel Insurance: Investing in Your Overseas Trip

couple in love riding a motorbike abroad

An overseas trip can hold many things: experiences, adventure, and unpredictability. Be prepared for the unexpected with international travel insurance! Why invest in international travel insurance? Even though you have planned your trip (with our help!) leaving no stone unturned, you can never plan for the unexpected. International travel can be unpredictable and you may… Read more »

How to Be Green While Traveling

Woman Traveling in Turkey

The era of green living penetrates all areas of our lives, from eating to working and now—traveling. Going green means making sustainability (both environmentally and economically speaking) a priority in your life. Traveling green is made easy with the following tips and tricks! Choose public transport When at all possible, walk to your destinations; walking… Read more »

Top 10 Mistakes Travelers Make

Young Woman at the Tower of Pisa

Getting ready to go on your big trip? Be sure you don’t fall prey to these common traveler mistakes! 1. Forgetting to notify your bank of your travels The only thing worse than ignoring your budget, is not having a budget entirely—and we mean no money! Banks constantly monitor your credit card’s transactions and once… Read more »

What to Consider When Choosing Your Travel Destination

Different Travel Options to Choose From

Fueling your wanderlust by hopping on a plane bound for your bucket-list destination is the dream of many. With so many places in the world to choose from, it may seem impossible to nail down a single location. Fortunately, here are a few things to consider when choosing your next travel destination! Why are you… Read more »

Tips to Stay Calm and Comfortable During Your Flight

Plane Taking Off Overseas

Dying to go on vacation, but hesitant to set foot on a plane? If the thought of air travel is enough to send you into a panic, you’re not alone! And fortunately, there are many ways to settle your nerves and make the experience less anxiety-inducing. Let sleep calm your flighty nerves If you’re not… Read more »