You can prevent yourself from experiencing a premature case of cabin fever by planning a winter vacation to Europe!

Following are a few of the advantages of traveling to Europe during the cooler months of the year, and they may surprise you.

Changing Food Palate                                          Why You Should Travel to Europe in the Winter

During the winter months European cuisine tastes shift with people foregoing a traditionally lighter palate for a heartier one. In Southern Mediterranean countries, heavy cream sauce is a marinade normally reserved for the summer season. Instead, you’ll find that many European kitchens become submerged in aromas of roasted duck and goose, and long-cooking sauces. In France, meat and potato soups and stews, like Pot-au-feu and Backeoffe, are local favorites topped with buttery garlic seasonings.

Plummeting Hotel Rates

If you’re traveling to Europe on a budget, you might want to research some of the family-owned hotels in the area; these places are usually less expensive during the off-season. Many tourists with their hearts set out on staying at a hotel usually don’t have a problem finding one that contains shops, restaurants, and other amenities for those days when grueling winter weather renders you immobile.

Cultural Boons Why You Should Visit Europe During the Winter

The arrival of winter is a celebration in many European countries and depending on where you are traveling to, you may get the opportunity to experience the burgeoning carnival circuit. Carnival is what we may consider a modern-day Renaissance of sights and smells. The 18-day event is a huge deal for the city of Venice, which lodges thousands of festival attendees every February for this elaborate occasion.

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