Summer may have just officially ended and the kids may have only been back in school for roughly under a month but in our opinion, it’s never too early to start thinking about setting up your holiday travel plans. In fact, we’re sure that anyone who has ever left their holiday travel booking to the last minute will tell you that the experience is less than ideal. It’s better to plan ahead than to be left paying an arm and a leg for your plane tickets, or worse, not getting a ticket at all.

So instead of being left out in the dust, we’ve stumbled across this great infographic that may help you determine the best times to book a flight for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve travel. Give that a look over before setting any plans in stone, and be sure to double check with your travel agent here at Blue Horizon Travel to ensure that there aren’t any hidden deals that you can take advantage of!

Happy travel planning!

Last-Minute Holiday Travel Deals