Not every person who desires or loves to travel enjoys stepping foot onto an airplane. It can be nerve-racking for some, but there are ways to calm yourself and get through a flight with less stress and anxiety.

Here are some tips on how to relax on an airplane.

Let Sleep Calm Your Flighty Nerves

Plane Taking Off OverseasIf you’re not too anxious to fall asleep, taking a nap can be a useful way to pass time and distract you from your nerves. Set yourself up ahead of time with comforting items like a neck pillow and some calming essential oils like lavender!

Keep Yourself Distracted On the Plane

If sleeping isn’t a feasible option, keep yourself entertained and ultimately, distracted from the fact that you’re airborne. Watch a movie you’ve never seen before, read a book, do a crossword puzzle; the options are endless! Keeping your mind occupied and you’ll make it to your destination in no time!

Don’t Fight the Bumps

When you’re driving in a car and hit a bump, you don’t tense up the same way you do when you hit turbulence. Think of it as the same type of thing and go with the flow versus fighting it. Let your body sway naturally with the bumps.

Avoid Caffeine When Flying

Don’t down a big coffee before boarding the plane. Caffeine products will exacerbate anxiety and contribute to your fear process. Choose water or a small glass of wine instead to create a more serene and comforting feeling.

Listen to Music or Meditate

A playlist of calming music or a guided meditation can do wonders for anxiety. Breathing deeply will slow down your thoughts and body, while the music will help drown out common flight noises.

Reading Can Be Useful for Some of Us

If you are a reader, we encourage you to try reading your book on the plane. Sometimes, people have trouble reading when in a car, bus or plane, so it’s not always the solution to relax and calm your nerves on a flight, but it’s worth a try if you have never done so.

Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to your dream destination! If you need help planning, call on the team at Blue Horizon Travel and Yacht Charters. We have the expertise and enthusiasm to match yours when planning your travel! Browse some of our travel options or call us today at 309-526-3499 to learn more about our travel services.