Most people wish they could take a vacation. Work seems to be incredibly busy, or the kids are headed back to school or any number of other things come up and getaway plans go on hold. However, the skipped vacation has become an increasing trend in recent years.

Take a VacationMoney magazine recently posted a stunning report that shows more than half of us haven’t taken a vacation in more than a year.  According to the report, a recent Allianz Global Assistance USA survey showed 56 percent of adults haven’t taken a vacation in a year or longer. For the purposes of the study, vacations were defined as trips that lasted at least one week and involved travel more than 100 miles from home.

For many, one obstacle may be cost. Taking a proper vacation can seem to be a daunting expense for a number of people, but there are also several ways to put a vacation more within reach. One option is to continually set aside a bit of your checks week after week to a designed vacation fund. Over time, these small amounts build into a respectable vacation nest egg. You can also take advantage of rewards credit cards, noted Money. If you have a card that offers cash back or flight miles, these can go a long way – literally – to helping you get to your ideal vacation destination.

Of course, Blue Horizon Travel can also assist you with planning a great getaway. We can work with you to find and plan a trip that’s within your budget and takes you to destinations you want to see and places you want to go. Whether across the country or around the world, our connections with cruise companies, hotels, airlines and tour providers allows us to book great trips at even better rates, saving you a significant amount over booking trips on your own. Use your vacation time for what it was meant for – taking a trip away from the office and unwinding, recharging your batteries and letting you relax!

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