No matter where you were living inside the United States last year, the term Polar Vortex became one that you were very familiar with. Unfortunately for us, it seems as though it may be making a strong return much earlier this year – especially for those towards the Eastern Coast. Sure, we understand that the winter season is coming and that will inevitably bring the cold, but this is some really cold temperatures were experiencing here. Can you even remember what it feels like to be warm?


Rather than sitting indoors and waiting out Mother Nature this year, why not escape to somewhere warm? If we’re all being honest here, who really enjoys being frozen to the core during this particular season? There are plenty of great beaches all over the world that are just waiting for you to come and warm up!

The Dominican Republic – Besides the obvious allure of white sand beaches and various activities like scuba diving and exploring acres of protected wilderness reserves, this upcoming December 15th will mark the opening of the new Gansevoort Playa Imbert. The new outpost will feature a long list of amenities, such as rooftop Jacuzzis in each penthouse, one- and two-bedroom lofts, three-bedroom apartments with private pools and more.

Puerto Rico – The food, the warmth, the culture – what can we say about Puerto Rico to make it sound any better than what you’ve already heard? Well how about the opening of the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel on December 1st? Here you’ll have your choice from 319 rooms, which includes 108 suites. No matter which room you decide to go with, you will be guaranteed a breathtaking view of either San Juan or the Atlantic Ocean.  However if we were you, we would definitely go for one of the suites, as they all come with a butler service to cater to any request 24 hour a day.

Panama City, Florida – If traveling outside the U.S. won’t work just isn’t in the cards for whatever reason, that’s no problem. You’ll still be able to keep warm in Panama City during this time of year, and there are a ton of fun activities to take advantage of. The Run for Redfish Half Marathon and 5K takes place on December 6th and allows you to catch stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico at every mile. Plus, we think you’ll be satisfied with the after party once you reach the finish line: Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville.

Just because the cold weather is relentless year after year doesn’t mean that you have to sit around and wait for the storm to pass. Call your local travel agent today and learn about all your options for where you can catch a little sunshine this winter!