Many families have decided not to travel whatsoever during the COVID-19 Pandemic, which isn’t a bad choice at all. This is a very good time to spend with your family and reduce the stress of work, school, and other daily tasks. As we continue to fight the pandemic, we’re constantly wondering when we’ll get to travel and vacation again.

Well, we still have some options during the pandemic. There are several ways to plan a vacation and travel safely amid the health crisis around the globe and the country. For now, it may be time to plan a smaller vacation with your family in the United States as international travel is still restricted.

Family Safe Traveling During COVID-19

Safety Travel Tips During This Time

If you’re planning a small getaway with your family, try and remember these important safety travel tips to ensure a healthy and enjoyable vacation.

Plan to Social Distance – When traveling, sometimes it’s difficult to social distance yourself from other people. During this time, it’s important to be practicing this safety guideline to help prevent the spread of illness to other people. When vacationing during the pandemic, we encourage you to plan a trip where social distancing is a piece of cake. For example, you can rent a cabin somewhere remote with your family or rent an RV and take a road trip.

Family Time – Vacationing with your family should be a time to spend together, rather than go out and enjoy shopping or other activities you could do at home. This mentality allows you to enjoy your family away from all of your daily stresses while safely vacationing during these strange times.

Practice Cleanliness and Healthiness – When you’re on a vacation or traveling with your family, it’s always important to stay healthy. You never want to be sick on a family vacation, so make sure you’re eating healthy, washing your hands, sanitizing surfaces, and keeping safely distant from other people you run into on vacation.

Vacationing is Not About the Destination

At Blue Horizon, we understand that it can be difficult not being able to travel to your island or European destinations right now. You don’t have to worry though because we are looking forward to going back to those places next year. We are making sure that we’re patient and safe during this time. One thing to remember when you’re traveling for vacation, it isn’t about the destination all the time. The people you go with and the memories you share are the most important aspects to a trip.

If you stick to this mindset, the destination of choice becomes much easier because you’ll realize that it only plays a small role in the enjoyment of vacationing with your friends or family.

How to Plan for Your Next Trip After COVID-19

We are looking forward to the upcoming year, so we can plan our next trip. We do have some trips planned for the year 2021 if everything goes well. If you’re looking to stay safe and just plan trips for the next year, we can help you find a trip that fits your interests! Check out our upcoming trips for 2021!

We know traveling can be difficult during this time, and it isn’t the time for everyone, but it’s okay to put vacationing on the back burner and wait for the amazing adventures we have for the next year. Contact Blue Horizon Travel & Yacht Charters at 800-939-4334 today or visit us online for more information!