When going on vacation, all you want to do is have fun and relax – and when it comes to the accommodations, I think it’s pretty safe to say that we all hold a high set of standards. Of course, you want your hotel room to be clean and in a safe part of the city, but there are also a list of other features that we either hope for or expect and when we don’t get them, we can’t help but get a little annoyed. They’re our hotel pet peeves.

Dealing with the Most Common Hotel Pet Peeves | Blue Horizon Travel

So instead of spending your vacation dreading the moments when you will need to return to your room, there are a few tips on how to plan ahead and avoid dealing with these little annoyances:

Lack of or Inconveniently Placed Outlets – All you want is for an outlet to be placed next to the nightstand so that you can charge your phone at night, is that so much to ask? In some cases, yes. When you find that the only available outlet is placed on the opposite side of the room, consider packing a small extension cord to make things easier on yourself.

Pricey or Slow Wi-Fi – In today’s society, staying connected is extremely important. This can be a problem when staying at a hotel that charges an arm and a leg for their Wi-Fi password or has an extremely slow connection. Rather than having to deal with this, bring your own hotspot with you. These can either be purchased or rented at a daily rate, so do some research.

No Mini-Fridge –This can be especially inconvenient for the times you eat out and cannot finish your plate. Without a mini-fridge to take the remainder of your meal back to, you’ll just end up overeating or wasting your money. One solution to this is to call ahead and see if you can request a room with one. If not, you may have to settle for using the ice bucket to at least keep drinks cold.

Of course, these are only a few of the most common pet peeves that travelers have to endure when it comes to their accommodations. For an extended list and more tips on how to deal with these issues, check out the full article here and let us know if you have anything else to add!