When thinking about your getaway to Jamaica, you can imagine a scenery filled with welcoming, sandy beaches, and exhilarating adventures.

Ensure that you see everything that Jamaica has to offer including a few of our favorites:

Dunn’s River Falls

This 180-meter, terraced waterfall is a natural beauty beloved by natives and tourists alike. You can try your hand at climbing the natural tiers and be invited by a cool refreshing dip in the pools at the bottom.

It’s suggested to have a guide with you to ensure safe climbing, jumping and swimming, but it’s enough to just take in the wondrous view of the beautifully, rippling waters.

Hop on the Black River Safari to see the famous crocs

A nice leisurely float down the Black river will sure give you a lot to look at it, including a true representation of Jamaica’s thriving ecosystem. Get ready to see crocodiles of all sizes wading in the river alongside you—with a large amount of space and boat between the two!

The Blue LagoonBlue Lagoon in Jamaica

This luminous lagoon is perfect for any explorer, young or old. The sight became a hot spot after the film, The Blue Lagoon, premiered with Brooke Shields. The lagoon is a vision, constantly changing its hues of turquoise and deep blue.

Seven Mile Beach

As the name suggests, this tropical beach goes on for miles with plenty of space to explore and take in the ocean waters.

Rose Hall Great House

This eighteenth century plantation house offers a rich history and most impressive tale to learn about and explore throughout the structure. Discover the “White Witch of Rose Hall,” Annie Palmer and her haunting story for a true Jamaican experience.

Breathtaking views and surreal experiences await you on your adventure through Jamaica. So why not leave the planning up to us? At Blue Horizon Travel & Yacht Charters, we have everything you’ll need to enjoy this tropical destination. Check out our upcoming tour of Jamaica packed with private excursions and amazing sights! Call 1-800-939-4334 today to speak with a travel agent for any questions you may have!