At one point, cruises and romantic getaways were one in the same but now, what was once seen as a love boat is now looked at as a playground for adults and children alike. Cruises provide a fun-filled vacation at a great value forTips for Cruising with Kids | Blue Horizon Travel & Yacht Charters families: food, entertainment, accommodations and amenities all while being carried to your wonderful destination. But no matter how often we hope and wish for a smooth-sailing family vacation, traveling with children is not always easy. Luckily for you however, we have compiled a couple of tips and tricks that will keep the tears to a minimum and the good old family fun at an all-time high!

Packing smart and in advance can save a lot of time, exhaustion and drama while traveling. If you are cruising with infants and/or toddlers, experts advise ensuring your carry-ons are filled with formula, food and diapers specific to your child that may not be able to be purchased on cruise ships or at its ports. Keeping these in your suitcases is not recommended as there are often times where you are parted from your luggage. You will find that by merely packing these items, your children will be much happier when they don’t have to wait to eat or be changed. This keeps you stress-free as parents, which is always a good thing!

A big fear amongst all parents is the thought of a child falling overboard. While cruise lines will generally brief all family members about climbing on the barricades, booking an interior cabin can eliminate a lot of unnecessary anxiety and stress. Most cruise lines offer family cabins or if you prefer, the children can take an interior room and you can choose a balcony room for yourselves.

Don’t let the fear of a hectic family vacation stop you from booking the cruise or yacht charter of your dreams. Schedule an appointment with one of our travel experts and let us help you make waves on your next adventure!

(Source: Huffington Post)

(Posted by Diane Gelaude of Blue Horizon Travel & Yacht Charter)