Prague, what a beautiful city to be in. Located in the Czech Republic, Prague is one of the most enchanting European cities to this day. The history itself and the culture of life makes the city something to cherish when you visit. The first thing you notice in the city is the Prague Castle, which stands tall on the one side of the Vltava River. Besides the breathtaking architecture, Prague provides a variety of restaurants, art museums, churches, scenic views, and a great nightlife.

Traveling to Prague

Prague is Inexpensive Compared to the Rest of Europe

One thing you’ll notice is the difference in the cost of living and leisurely expenses in this city. The Czech Republic’s currency is different than much of Europe, so the exchange rate might be a little confusing at first, but it’s easy to get the hang of once you spend a few days.

There are plenty of things to do while you’re staying and exploring this magnificent city. If you’re looking for a true European experience, Prague is where you’ll find it. Many people don’t think to travel to this central European city, but it’s well worth it when you decide to.

The History & Culture

The history is unique in its own way. We won’t get into major detail, but the Czech Republic has been through tough times in the past 100 years. From Nazi control to Soviet communism, the Czech Republic wasn’t free until the Velvet Revolution in 1989. Before that, communism reigned and the exploration of art, culture, and the free market was restricted. Since then, the Czech Republic has been booming with artists, musicians, and culture.

When visiting the capitol city of Prague, you’ll find that most people speak English. They will flip a switch from Czech to English if you let them know where you’re from. Although reserved at first, the people are very outgoing once you get to know them.

Sites to See in Prague

As we’ve said, you’ll notice the Prague Castle right away. It’s a great spot to visit, as well as many of the art and history museums throughout the city. Old Town is also a wonderful spot to explore because of its bustling market, restaurants, street performers, and of course the astronomical clock in the center of the old town.

The Charles Bridge is another great site to see. This walking bridge connects the two sides of the city across the river. We recommend taking a scroll at sunrise or sunset for the best scenic views of the city. As you travel to the south of the city, you’ll notice the Vysehrad Fortress. This fortress stands tall on a hill surrounded by a burial ground. You’ll find one of the best skyline views of the city from this vantage point.

You won’t regret having chosen to go travel and visit the wonderful city of Prague. You will fall in love with the people and the culture, which will trigger you to return another day. It’s one of the most experiential cities in all of Europe. With a little taste of tourism, and a little hint of local culture, you’ll find this place to be satisfying in your European excursions.

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