We have worked with Diane from Blue Horizon Travel & Yacht for approximately 10 years. We have a big group that goes on vacation ever year somewhere out of the country. She takes care of all our travel documents and our transportation from airport to our resort and resort back to the airport.
Diane always goes out of the way to answer any and all questions. We have a party for everyone going on this vacation. Diane comes to the party to give out documents and gives the group little ideas and suggestion of side trips. She also gives us suggestions of anything to look out for while out of the country.

Diane also has gone to battle for us when something wasn’t what they said it was going to be on our vacations. We have received a small rebate for our next trip as a result of her battling for our vacationers. The best part was nobody in our group had to do anything, but we all got the rebate after Diane did all the work.

Diane is one of the best travel agent we ever had that is why we keep going back.

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