Duanube RiverHow would you like to see the explore Europe with your special someone? Come along on Blue Horizon’s romantic Danube River cruise tour planned for next June and enjoy the wonderful, lush European countryside with views from the boat that are sure to be one of a kind!

The Danube River is the second-longest river in Europe and goes through 10 countries in total. On this particular tour, however, guests will explore three of them: Germany, Austria and Hungary. The romantic Danube River Cruise is a relaxing eight-day journey and starts in Budapest, the cultural capital of Hungary. Chock full of churches, statues and museums, there is something for everyone to do in this wonderful city.

On your second day, guests you will go on a walking tour of the city. Budapest itself is a relatively new concept, and is actually two cities that have been combined into one: Buda and Pest. Buda is on the western bank and Pest is on the eastern bank. Pest features many of the restaurants and shops, while Buda has more of the views – including the famous Fisherman’s Bastion which continues to provide a great view today, but without the potent odor of fish.

On the third day, the tour heads to Vienna. This famous city was the home to many classical composers (Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, etc.), scientists (Freud, Schrodinger, Mendel) and artists (Klimt). In Vienna, guests will have a walking tour in the morning to see the sights. In the afternoon, there will be leisure time to go and explore. Music lovers can also attend an optional classical performance.

Day four will be spent mainly on the river, with the primary stop is at the Melk Benedictine Abbey – a UNESCO World Heritage site. You will be able to explore the library of this ancient building during a guided tour, as well as take a look at the unique frescoes – a great part of history to view! The following day, day five, is in the city of Passau, where there will be a walking tour, an organ concert and ample amounts of free time to explore at your own page.

The sixth day is split in half. There will be a stop in Regensburg with another walking tour through the medieval city center. Then you will be free to explore and experience everything Regensburg has to offer. The second half of the day is in Kelheim, with an optional Danube gorge cruise and trip to Welterburg Monastery that you could partake in.

Day seven spends the morning cruising through the Danube Canal – a true engineering marvel. Although it is not as famous as the Panama Canal, it is still a great feat of engineering. The afternoon takes guests to Nuremberg for a city tour and guided walk to the Market Square, as well as an optional history of World War II history. Day eight marks the end for guests, though an optional three-night extension is available for guests who would like to spend a few more days in beautiful Prague.

These are just the primary highlights of our Danube River Cruise trip. If you’ve always wanted to explore the heart of Europe with that special someone, then this is the vacation for you! To register, get a registration form online now or call Blue Horizon today at 309-526-3499.