With so many great cruise and yachting vacation options available today that include multiple stops and tours, there’s truly never been a better time to climb aboard and set sail for an amazing vacation – that is unless you’re prone to seasickness.

Seasickness, or motion sickness, occurs when your brain tries to balance the signals it’s getting from both your eyes and your ears, which help to control your balance. This competition between your senses can cause waves of nausea, stomach pains and even vomiting. While on a cruise or yachting trip, you’ll want to be able to keep all the delicious fare from coming back up, so here are a few tips to make sure the only waves on your trip are the ones in the sea.

SeasicknessLocation, location, location

It’s been said before and it will be said again: A good location can make a world of difference. This is also true with seasickness sufferers. MedicineNet.com suggests that those who tend to have problems with motion sickness try to book accommodations on a lower level of the ship and toward the middle, if possible. These locations tend to stay the most stable and have the least amount of sway, which should help to minimize the motion that may be playing havoc with your senses.

Patch it

Another option is a prescription remedy for seasickness. According to the Mayo Clinic, a scopolamine patch can help relieve the symptoms of sufferers for three days at a time. These small, adhesive patches are applied behind the ear and are available after speaking with you doctor. If you know you tend to get queasy, these patches may just do the trick.

Try the drug store

There are also a few over-the-counter remedies that can help keep your symptoms at bay. Bonine, Benadryl and Dramamine are the three most common solutions, says Cruise Critic, though the former two tend to cause drowsiness as one of their side effects. The effect often worsens with alcohol, which can mean you may be spending more time than you planned in your cabin catching up on your Z’s.

Ginger treatment

Ginger is also a trusted natural remedy for many motion sickness sufferers. The mild taste of this root is available in a wide variety of forms, from ginger candies to supplements and cookies. Ginger doesn’t work for everyone, and is generally best suited for treating minor symptoms, so your results may vary when using ginger for relief.


Lastly, modern cruise boat technology has helped to alleviate the symptoms of many vacationers through the use of stabilizers. Most modern cruise ships employ stabilizer technology to help minimize serious swells and falls that may occur while at sea, especially in choppy surf or during a storm. While these may still cause more rising and falling than normal, stabilizers help provide a far smoother ride and can help keep your lunch down.

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