As the kids head back to class, it’s time to do a little homework of your own and start planning your family vacations for the coming school year. With all the hustle and bustle of getting the kids out the door, helping with book reports, and shuttling their friends back and forth from extracurricular activities, many parents forget to start planning until it’s too late to get away during the much-deserved holiday breaks. This year, do yourself a favor, and plan ahead for a family getaway so your entire family can have something great to look forward to!

Getaways as a Motivator

Planning a Family VacationTelling your children that you’re planning a special trip during their winter break is great, but why not use this information to help your children to feel more responsible for their own obligations in order to get there? Failure to stay on top of their chores, grades, homework, punctuality and even disciplinary issues can not only make it less enticing to take your children on vacation, but may even end up spoiling your plans if they end up needing to attend interim schooling or detention during their school breaks. Imagine planning a family trip, only to end up canceling it because your child needs to attend summer school or internal suspension while everyone else is on vacation! Teach your kids the value of hard work by rewarding good behavior with a well-deserved, preplanned family trip.

Planning Ahead = Paying Less!

We all know how expensive traveling can be, especially when you are paying to bring your entire flock with you. Between airfare, clothing, accommodations and attraction fees, a family trip can break the budget before you ever get off the ground. Take initiative so that your clan doesn’t have to feel left out during spring break or holiday time. Setting a course for your journey and reserving the necessary bookings well in advance can help make everything more affordable. Likewise, if you’re planning to visit a popular destination, you may avoid a big disappointment by reserving your hotel, rental car and attraction passes months ahead of time since many families will be hoping to stay nearby. If you wait too long, they may take up all the rooms!

Whether it’s Thanksgiving recess, the Christmas and New Year’s vacation, or spring break, your kids will appreciate the reward for all their efforts. Armed with this information – and finally, the time you need to put your energy into vacation planning – you’re ready to start planning a family trip that you will all look forward to as you hurry between work and school, soccer and drama, homework and hobbies.

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