‘Tis the season to get engaged! Many engagements happen during the holidays, and once the celebrations of the season are over, it’s time to start planning for your wedding. If you’ve always wanted to have a destination wedding, but thought it would be too difficult to plan, let the team at Blue Horizon Travel help you out!

Beach Wedding ReceptionWe have dedicated destination wedding specialists available who will help walk you through every aspect of planning a destination wedding. First we’ll help you and your partner choose a venue in your destination city of choice. If you want to have a big traditional wedding, we’ll help you choose caterers, florists and a DJ or a band. Making all of these decisions without meeting people, visiting venues, and tasting food can be difficult, but our destination wedding specialists have experience working in many popular destinations and with many leading vendors, and can use our experience to help you make the right decisions for your big day.

Whether you are planning a small ceremony with only a few close friends and family members, or you expect a large number of guests to attend, our destination wedding specialists will help you with all of the planning. We’ll also coordinate with your venue’s wedding planners to make sure that all of your day-of arrangements are handled appropriately. We will also manage any legalities and paperwork involved with having a wedding outside of the country. All you will have to do is travel to your destination and enjoy your special day!

Planning a destination wedding can be an immense undertaking, but with professional help from Blue Horizon, you can have the ceremony you always dreamed of. Give us a call at 800-939-4334 and let us help you start planning your amazing wedding today.