With unlimited destinations to choose from, traveling can quickly become your favorite pastime. However, it’s absolutely essential that you stay smart when abroad and travel safely.

Here are some easy ways to keep safety first in your travels!

Brush up on the native language

No matter how well-traveled you may be, you’re still a tourist in this new place you’re exploring.

Learn some of the native language to help you understand the community and culture around you. This will also help if you ever get lost and need to ask for directions.

Check in with your contacts

Safety Travel TipsCreate your travel itinerary before you travel internationally and leave a copy with a contact back home.

On your schedule, include details like where you plan to stay and sites you plan to visit. Find appropriate times to check in with your contact and stick to those times to ensure your safety.

This way, if your contact does not hear from you, they will know something could be wrong.

Check in daily if you’re traveling alone!

When traveling with a group, make sure someone in the group knows where you will be at all times.

Zoom in on research

Knowledge is power when it comes to traveling in a foreign place. The more you know about your destination, the better.

Know who to call in the case of an emergency, obtain the contact information for the local embassy, and locate the nearest hospitals. Do your research about your destination’s public transportation and know which companies are trustworthy.

Remember to keep the address for where you are staying handy and know how to get there from the main tourist attractions. Learning about your destination is one of the easiest ways for you to stay safe while abroad; you cannot know enough about your vacation spot.

Focus in on valuables

Tourists prove easy targets. You may think you are safe with your valuables zipped away in your backpack, but while you are busy ogling over the Eiffel Tower, it’s easy for things to go amiss.

The best way to avoid being the victim of a crime while abroad is to play it safe and smart; you cannot be too careful.

Start by keeping your money in multiple locations both where you are staying and on your person. Try not to bring too many valuables on the trip, but lock up the ones you do bring. Travel with a group at night, or if you will be alone, try to stay in heavily populated areas.

Equipped with these safety tips, you’re ready almost ready to enjoy a trip anywhere in the world!

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