Your travels should consist of nothing but new experiences and breathtaking sights—no stress allowed! Between complicated exchange rates and asking several different people where the nearest bathroom is, you may want to have a few techy tricks up your sleeve.

Get a little help abroad from the following smartphone travel apps!

Google Translate

This app can help eliminate the language barrier, or at least make communication easier for you when immersing yourself in the local culture overseas. Type in what you would like to say and the language you would like to translate to and the app will produce the correct translation for you. With enough practice, you might not even need to refer to the app by the end of your trip!

XE Currency

XE Currency has long been trusted by avid travelers for all currency conversions. The app will allow you to enter an amount of currency you have and then show you the equivalent in the other currencies you may want to utilize, making exchange rates a breeze.


The weather is always a tad bit unpredictable, can be even more so when you don’t have a weather app that works. AccuWeather has proven itself as a reliable, helpful resource, successfully offering a minute-by-minute forecast wherever you are.

International Traveler Using Helpful Smartphone AppsSitOrSquat

This app locates public restrooms nearby and even clues you in on the quality of the bathroom! It may not be an app that you think of beforehand, but it proves very beneficial when on-the-go in another country.

Mobile Passport

Your next U.S. Customs and Border Protection experience will be a breeze with Mobile Passport. Currently used in 25 airports across the U.S. and one cruise port, the free app allows you to fill out your flight information and customs questions on your phone as soon as the plane lands. If you have nothing to declare, a three-hour receipt is issued and can be used to skip ahead of the crowd and go to a dedicated line where they will scan your phone, perhaps your passport, and that’s all!

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