One of our favorite things about planning a tour is getting our fellow travelers excited about the trip ahead. With Britain’s Quaintest Villages Tour coming up next year in June, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight one of the most exciting stops that we will be making – the “Titanic Trail” Tour along the south coast of Cobh, Ireland.


Though most everyone has heard the legendarily tragic story of the Titanic, not many are aware of its very close connection to Ireland. In fact, Cobh was the very last post of call for the ship before it set off on its ill-fated voyage to the New World in April 1912. Of the over 1,500 passengers who were lost after the ship struck an iceberg on April 14th of that year, 123 of them had boarded from the Cobh port. Only 44 managed to survive.

As we journey through Ireland, we will be making a stop here for the walking tour, allowing us to explore the town of Cobh in Cork Harbor, where the original buildings, streets and piers from over a century ago still stand. Our trained tour guide will take us through the streets and point out locations and incidents directly related to the Titanic, as well as important aspects of the harbor and Irish heritage as a whole.

For more information on what we will be encountering on the “Titanic Trail” Tour, visit the official website of the tour at or contact Blue Horizon for more information. Of course, this is only one of the incredible sites that we will be seeing on the Britain’s Quaintest Villages Tour, so don’t forget to reserve you place before it’s too late! You don’t want to miss this one!

(Posted by Diane Gelaude of Blue Horizon Travel & Yacht Charter)