Is it about time for you to take a vacation? If so, you should go all out and book a trip to someplace that’s really special. There are many exotic islands throughout the world that will offer you the chance to kick back and relax while enjoying the local culture. Whether you want to stay in the U.S. or fly to a completely different country is up to you. But don’t miss your chance to take a trip to one of these exciting destinations.

Hawaiian BeachesHawaii

There are so many reasons to visit Hawaii. For starters, the weather is just about always great throughout the state. It tends to be on the drier side in the summer and wetter in the winter, but regardless, the temperatures stay consistently warm. The people are also very friendly in Hawaii, and they love treating guests to all of the delicious food and history that Hawaii has to offer. Additionally, there are more than 750 miles of shoreline in Hawaii, as TripSavvy points out, so you’ll never have trouble finding a spot in the sand. There is so much to explore in Hawaii during your trip.

New Zealand

As you may have seen in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, which was filmed in this country, New Zealand is filled with mountains, lakes, volcanoes, glaciers and all kinds of other sights that will overwhelm your senses when you visit. But the beautiful scenery isn’t the only reason to visit. The locals in New Zealand are accommodating and known for welcoming foreign guests. There are also a range of action-packed activities like bungee jumping, skydiving and more than you can take part in. The weather is typically great, and pairs nicely with the variety of fine wines produced in the region. The American dollar also goes a long way in New Zealand, which will allow you to get a lot done during your stay at this gorgeous destination.

Sydney HarborAustralia

While technically a continent, not an island, Australia is another wonderful destination. Too many Americans don’t know enough about Australia. They think about the accents that Australians have and kangaroos when they hear Australia mentioned, but that’s about it. There is so much to explore during a trip to Australia, though. From the breathtaking Sydney Opera House in Sydney to the legendary Great Barrier Reef to the pink lake – Lake Hillier. Australia is filled with so many sights that you won’t want to leave once you touch down in the Land Down Under.

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