Group Travel Tours and Vacation Packages

Some of the most memorable vacations occur in a group setting, regardless of whether it’s with friends, a social group or relatives. Blue Horizon Travel specializes in group travel. We can help you arrange an ideal trip for you and your group. Traveling with a group can be fun! The best part is traveling with friends and making new ones. You are never alone unless you choose to be. Many times, long after the trip our travelers are still reliving their experiences.

Why not bring your friends with you on your next trip? You already share an affinity with many groups. These are people you know through your local clubs, church, golf league, school alumni, or family reunions. Common interests make a GREAT TRAVEL group!


Group Travel Tours

Blue Horizon Travel specializes in group travel. Communicate your needs and preferences to us and we will take it from there. You will obtain savings when working with an experienced travel consultant who has professional contacts. Our group travel specialists will find you the most optimal rates for your airfare, lodging, tour costs and local travel expenses.

In addition, we can customize your travel plans to ensure they correspond with your group’s interests with private guides, custom shore excursions, VIP entrances to historic sites, charter boat rides, specialty restaurants and more. Groups receive special amenities! Often there are perks for the group leader depending on the size of the group. Call today (800) 939-4334 to let us help you plan an unforgettable group vacation for your group.

Traveling solo or with a friend? Check out our unique Blue Horizon group tours that are coming up. All are escorted by Blue Horizon Travel. Check our website frequently for new tours and updates.