Breanker 55′ Catamaran

Booking a catamaran vacation is an exciting, life-changing experience. It provides you with a unique way to explore the world, all while taking in the waves and the sun. At Blue Horizon Travel & Yacht Charters, we are committed to helping you explore this experience to the fullest, including with our beautiful Breanker 55′ catamaran.

Explore the Breanker 55′ Catamaran

If you are looking for a Virgin Island catamaran rental, this particular option is exceptional. Designed to provide ample room and storage space, with all of the best features, this is the ideal choice for those looking to take a group of six to eight people out onto the water. We encourage you to book our 7-day charter. With four equal queen cabins on board, this is one catamaran you will love exploring.

You can expect outstanding attention to detail including large bathrooms with full showers. Each bedroom has lockers, mirrors, and queen sized berths. With an onboard wet bar, perfect for your captain to offer something special to drink along with a large galley perfect for your chef, this is a complete experience like no other.

We encourage you to explore the luxurious, beautiful Breanker 55′ catamaran. With a main salon featuring dining, music, dancing, and TV access, along with plenty of room to watch the view, you will enjoy this trip to the fullest. This may be the best Virgin Island catamaran rental available to you. Contact us to learn more about what you can expect from this experience.

  • Four Equal Queen Cabins
  • $3,250 Per Person, Per 7 Day Charter (based on 6 people)
  • $4,625 Per Person, Per 7 Day Charter (based on 4 people)
  • Scuba Diving Included